Solved Puzzle

There is nothing new about having a vision of the future, indeed it is one of the things that make us human. The ability to imagine a future better than we have now is what has driven the dramatic growth of development over the last 10,000 years. No new enterprise is started without a vision. It is what drives us to take risks and try something new.

Often though, somewhere along the way we lose the vision or it gets overwhelmed by everyday life. We invite others to join us who don't share the vision or have a competing vision. One way or another, the vision gets diluted and commitment to the ultimate goals starts to wane. Projects start to seem mundane and pointless. We get bogged down and distracted. It seems impossible to regain that spark and energy that got us started.

Having a vision is often thought of as something that happens on its own and we have no control of when and where it takes place. Like the lightbulb that appears over someone's head in a cartoon, it comes and goes as it pleases. This is where the process of visioning comes in, because we here at Active Visioning believe that given the right environment and stimuli, we can all create visions that will inspire us and move us to action. What is even more powerful is when this is done in a group setting not only is a shared vision created, but people actually become inspired by each other and the vision created is greater than any one person could have come up with on their own.

Once a group has a shared vision they will become much more effective. There is no longer a need for team members to compete with each other. Anything diverting them from reaching their goals will get reassessed and discarded if possible. Having unity of purpose is a powerful thing for a team.